Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Croatia VII: Split

And our last stop in Croatia was Split. At the beginning it was a little bit shocking to arrive to a real city, with factories and  roads, it was like waking up from a dream, a cruel "Welcome to the real world". It took us ages to find a sobe, they were real expensive and we were getting lost all the time. We had to come back to the port where there were many people offering rooms. We took a lady in the car and she showed us a room in a very awful building in a very ugly area 15 minutes away by car from Split. It was our worst sobe and the lady was quite rude, but we didn't want to loose more time looking for accommodation, and, at the end, we just wanted a roof and a bed so we took it. It wasn't a nice start but, it just took us five minutes wandering the old town streets of Split to just love it. All the cafes and shops have loads of personality and it is also very trendy . Let's say that Dubrovnik is like a fairy tale town, but Split is alive.

Split's airport is actually in Trogir, and it is really worth it to save some time to visit it before getting your plane home. Here are some shots:


And that's it, this is the last post about Croatia. I just loved it and I was very impress of its beauty. We just visited part of the dalmatian coast so we still have  lots of territories and island to explore  and I really I hope to have the chance to come back soon.

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