Saturday, April 23, 2016

Japan XII: Tokyo 2 ( Tsukiji market, Roppongi Hills, Ginza)

We were not very lucky with the weather on our second day in Tokyo. We wake up early in the morning to get to Tsukiji Market, the famous fish market, and it was raining. We arrived there with wet feet and we got a little bit stressed with the craziness of the market. Seriously, we almost got hit with all the market activity. And also felt a little bit bad taking pictures there, as they were working like crazy and you kind of disturb them every time you stop to take a picture. I think we were not in the mood to rush and crowds, but still it was interesting.Famous Fish Market in Tokyo

Famous Fish Market in Tokyo

Famous Fish Market in Tokyo

Famous Fish Market in Tokyo

Our next stop was Roppongi Hills, a shopping center with a viewpoint of the City on the top floor
( after paying an entrance fee).

Audrey Hepburn ad in Tokyo street
In front of the shopping center we found this cute Doraemon statues that welcomed us and made us smile.

Doraemon statues in Roppongi Hills, Tokyo

And this "little" spider...

Spider statue in front of Roppongi Hills, Tokyo
 And here are the views from the top floor:
Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills

Roppongi Hills

Tokyo Tower from Roppongi Hills

Audrey Hepburn ad in Tokyo


Art exhibition in Roppongi Hills,Tokyo

On the ground floor you can access to Tv Asahi building, and so we didn't hesitate. It was packed , with lots of activities for kids and tv programmes fans, a lot of noise of crazy video games music, and interactive games, and cute mascots, also a merchandising shop , it was interesting and fun to see.
TV Asashi Building, Tokyo
 And then we moved to Ginza, and did some window shopping of the most exclusive brands of the planet.
Gap Shop in Ginza, Tokyo

This is Tokyo Ad 
And of course, we couldn't resist to visit the Sony Building Shop , which was quite impressive and also the Canon Digital House, where they offer us to try any objective we wanted with our cameras :)))
Canon Digital House, Tokyo

Canon Digital House in Ginza, Tokyo
And that was our rainy day in Tokyo,  stayed tunned for more Tokyo posts.

Friday, March 25, 2016

Japan XI: Tokyo 1 ( Meji-Jingu,Harajuku, Shibuya)

 After three nights sleeping in Tokyo we finally got to see the city. Till then we had just slept there and make day trips to make the most of our one week Japan rail pass. But it was time to meet the city. I had always wanted to go to Tokyo, it looked to me such a crazy and cool city.  I have always liked Japanese fashion, so unique and modern and smart. I just couldn't wait to go and explore Tokyo's streets, and our first day didn't disappoint us. It was everything we had imagined and more.
We started our day visiting  Meji-Jingu Temple.
Meji-Jingu Temple entrance in Tokyo

Meji -Jinju Temple in Tokyo

Park in Harajuku, Tokyo

Girl in harajuku Park, Tokyo

We loved it, it is surrounded by trees and it is like a forest in the middle of the city. After visiting the Temple we wanted to see the rockers that meet in Yoyogi's park to dance every Sunday.  We walked to the entrance of Yoyogi's park, but we couldn't see any rocker. We decided to walk a little bit in the park and it was fantastic. That park was really alive. There were Japanese training, running, rehearsing, dancing, practicing tai-chi, playing instruments,... everything. We loved it.
Two girls practising Tai-chi in Yoyogi's Park

Japanese dancing in Yoyogi's park

And around one o'clock we finally saw some rockers arriving to the park. They meet right at the entrance of the park, in a circular square in front of the main entrance.

A group of rockers meeting in Yoyogui's park to dance

And soon they started dancing...

Rocker dancing in Yoyogui's park, Tokyo

And then we went to Harajuku station to see  if we were lucky and see some Japanese urban tribes...
And we saw these colorful group of girls.

Colorful urban tribe in Harajuku, Tokyo

Girls in Harajuku Station, Tokyo

Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku, Tokyo

Harajuku, Tokyo

Takeshita street was absolutely packed, but it is such a cute street.
Lots of people in Takeshita street, harajuku, Japan

A crowded Takeshita street in Harajuku, Tokyo
And the last stop of our first day in Tokyo was the famous Shibuya crossing: funny and fascinating at the same time.

Shibuya faous crossing in Tokyo
Hachiko, the famous and loved dog in shibuya, Tokyo

Shibuya famous crossing in Tokyo

Shibuya crossing in Tokyo

I LOVE TOKYO. I just do.

Sunday, March 6, 2016

Japan X: Kamakura, Enoshima and Shinjuku (Tokyo)

We were so curious about Kamakura, not because of the temples, that were really beautiful, but about the beach. We knew Japanese don't like getting tanned, as we had seen a lot of Japanese girls covering her hands from the sun with globes ... in august, ..with 40ºC.. so we couldn't wait to see what were they doing at the beach, so we packed our bikinis and took a train to Kamakura, which is about 1 hour away from Tokyo.
We started visiting Hase Kannon (Hase Dera) Temple, and we loved it, the garden is very beautiful and it has an incredible view of Kamakura.

And then we visited the famous Kamakura's Great Budha (Kotoku-in Temple), which is the second largest Great Buddha in Japan after the Great Buddha in Nara. Originally it was inside the Temple, but after a Tsunami in 1498 it has stood outdoors. And it looks quite impressive.

And then we were ready to relax on the beach...or at least that's what we thought at the moment. We took this cute train to Enoshima....and it was as cute outside as little inside, at least for the amount of people that was on it. The word packed is too short to describe the scene with precision. The fun part is that we were the only occidental on there so we were kind of happy, but believe me, half of  the Japanese population was on that train with us. And we could observe there that many girls were going to the beach as they would dress to go to.. work (?!?): They were wearing smart blouses, and suit trousers or skirts, and even...heals???? We were every time more curious about Japanese habits in the beach.

And so we jumped off the train and follow rivers of people towards Enoshima Island.

It was really hot we couldn't wait to arrive to Enoshima and had a nice swim there. And so we follow the people and when we finally arrived to the island trough the bridge we went straight to the tourist information point and asked where was the nearest beach. The woman in the office was surprised and told us that there was any beach there. Ha ha...We were so shocked. Why were all that people going to that island with that impossible heat, in an overcrowded train, in summer, with 40ºC if there were no beaches there?!?! To see the Temples, of course, and for the restaurants and shops...of course!!! What were we thinking???!!!!


It was so hot!! Can you see on the right side of the picture above a Japanese with a towel covering his head? That would give an idea of the heat of the day. Anyway, we crossed the bridge again , watch some PWC racing like crazy on the sea...

.... And finally we arrived to the beach!!!

And it was quite fun. We saw many guys in swiming suits but not many girls. They seem to stay smart dressed under the umbrella, more like if they were on a picnic. We saw also groups of people with barbecues cooking, and even tables , with bowls and chopsticks. I wouldn't find it so shocking if it wasn't for THAT HEAT. I mean, 40 º Degrees, plus humidity, and they decided to dress, take a crowded train, go to the beach to cook and some of them not even with a swimming suit...I mean with that weather you don't even need a barbacue to cook, a piece of glass would be enough to make fire!!! :) But it was really fun. I guess they are perfectly adapted to that heat, an we were not :) They even had a concert on the beach and they were jumping and dancing.


And after such a fun day we couldn't wait to see a little bit of Tokyo. We had spent already two nights there and haven't seen anything yet. So after having some rest we went straight to Shinjuku area to see some Neons madness. And we were not dissapointed.

And that's it for today. More about Tokyo in the following posts!
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