Saturday, July 18, 2015

South Africa XIV: Cape Town ( Day 2). Waterfront and Roben Island.

Our second day in Cape Town was quite intense...We had bought tickets here to visit Roben island, so , basically, we spent the morning  in prison :) The tours in Roben island are hosted by ex-prisoners so be ready for quite an impressive journey , a  very sad human story told by a first-person narrator  which won't leave you indifferent.

And after visiting Roben island we walked a little bit trough the Waterfront ...

And then we drove to the colorfoul streets of Bo-Kaap...

... and Long street :)

Saturday, July 4, 2015

South Africa XIII: Cape town (Day One): Table Mountain.

   We were so lucky to stay in some friends' place in Cape town. They were amazing and so generous to open their house to the three of us and also so incredibly talented and inspiring that it would have been impossible not to love Cape Town.
   We woke up our first day in the City with such a nice weather that we decided to go straight to Table Mountain and enjoy the views from there. And there we were, in front of the cable car's ticket office wondering if we should take a one way ticket or a return one. And you know, we had been in the car the whole trip and we thought it would be nice to walk a little bit...  We ask a guy there how long it would take to go down by foot and he said that it takes around two hours, so we said to ourselves: 'come on we should do some exercise'. WHAT A MISTAKE.....The easy 2 hours walk we were imagining was actually a 3 and a half hours through a rough kind of step stone path, and to give you an idea of our fitness level,  our legs were shaking after the first five minutes . Not only we didn't have any water , but also the weather was really hot and there was any shade to have a rest. Let's say it wasn't the most intelligent decision we took in our trip, and we knew every muscle of our body will soar on the next day and it will accompain us till the end of the trip. It was especially embarrassing on the pedestrian crosses, where the three of us had to cross with our funny walk in front of the cars. Still it was a great experience and we took some nice shots.

 And after our Table's mountain adventure, we were so tired that we went straight to Camps Bay beach and stay there exhausted till  sunset, which, by the way was very beautiful as all sunsets in Africa. The truth is that it was a nice evening and we loved the people's vibe's in there.

Sunday, June 14, 2015

South Africa XII: Franschhoek and Stellenbosch

After our incredible time in Hermanus we headed to Franshhoek and Stellenbosch. I couldn't wait to get there, not only for all the good things I've heard or seen of Stellenbosch and Franshhoek in other travel blogs, especially this one, but also because we were meeting Lizanne there, which I hadn't seen in ten years or so, when we used to work together in London. She suggested to meet in the Hillcrest Berry Orchards, where we had the most delicious breakfast with the most beautiful views, and company, of course. We just loved it. And then we were ready to discover the beautiful Franshhoek and Stellenbosch with the best guide ever.

And here are some shots of Stellenbosch:

We had a fantastic day and it was great and fun catching up with Lizanne.  We are so lucky and thankful. Franshhoek and Stellenbosch are very beautiful and it is really worth it to spend a day there if you have the opportunity, especially if you are into wine :)
And after such a cool day we were finally ready to go to the stunning Cape Town.

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