Tuesday, November 11, 2014

South Africa VII: Johannesburg -Port Elizabeth

In our seventh day in South Africa we drove all the way back from Mumpalanga to Johannesburg and we took a plane there to Port Elizabeth. We drove for about 6 and a half hours and we were still amazed of some of the particularities of this part of the country roads. For example, you are allowed to drive at 120 km /h on roads full of "Danger, kids crossing" signals, or potholes or people just crossing motorways which is kind of crazy.
I don't have pictures of that day but here are some shots that my sister took with her phone.

Friday, October 17, 2014

South Africa VI: Blyde River Canyon

We were very sad to leave  the Kruger National Park, but very excited to go and see the Blyde River Canyon as it looked amazing in the pictures that we had seen on the internet. The truth is that we didn't expect such a change of scenario. The scenic Panorama route is just stunning. We passed from a savanna landscape to a road that it could have  perfectly been  in Canada in a matter of minutes. From Graskop follow the R532 for 2 km and then turn off on the R534 circular road. Make sure you stop in God's window and Wonder view points and then go back to R534 till the spectacular Three Rondavels. 

The Three Rondavel's views are just breathtaking, we sat there for a while just to embrace the peace and beauty of the place.

And then we were ready to try the swimmingpool in our Bed & Breakfast, wich was just half an hour from the Three Rondavels (Blue Cottages Country House). It was a great day.

Tuesday, October 7, 2014

South Africa V: Kruger National Park. Day 3.

On our third day in Kruger National Park we drove from Skuzkuza rest camp to Lower Sabie. There is a river that goes all along the road and we spotted a lot of hippos, crocodiles, impalas and birds there. We also saw a little leopard in a tree, but I think that what we enjoyed the most that day was observing the lake next to Lower Sabie rest Camp. 

We loved Kruger's landscapes and wildlife , every day was and adventure. You start the day  without knowing what animals you would find or where or when you would see them  but that is the thing that makes it so magical, and even when you think that you have seen it all, there is still something new ready to amaze you appearing from behind a bush , in a tree or in the river. It is LIFE. I just loved it.

Thursday, September 25, 2014

South Africa IV: Kruger National Park. Day 2.

On our second day in  Kruger National Park we went to Skukuza rest camp, the biggest rest camp of  the National Kruger Park, We drove to Satara rest camp first, had lunch there and  then drive to our bungalow in Skuzkuza. We had to arrive at 16h because we had booked a sunset game drive at 16:30. Here are some of the animals we spotted on our way to Skukuza.

We finally got to see a lion, but quite far...

And then...just a few km before arriving to skukuza, we had THE MOMENT of the trip. We were just driving when my cousin shouted: STOP!!!!!!! THERE IS A LEOPARD ON THE TREE!!!!! And we drove backwards a few meters and there he was, very very close to us, with no one else around, it was a magic moment, he looked at us and then decided to leave. I didn't catch him on the tree, but believe me, it was the perfect picture, such a perfect pose. And then he left but stopped to give us a last look.

And then we went to the sunset safari drive. The driver took us straight away to see a family of lions that were chilling near the river.  That's the good thing about the games, the drivers communicate with walkies and so they know where the animals are. Still...They were so far...

And here is a picture of our bungalow in Skuzkuza rest camp ( taken by my cousin Aina, by the way).  See that fancy car with no hubcaps??? That's our buddy road trip, and that's a new word to add to our english vocabulary: "hubcap"that we will probably  associate to another new word for us: "pothole". Do you remember that post where I mention that the road to get to Kruger Park was  quite an entertaining road? Well, let's say this is the result. We lost two hubcups on the way, and getting new ones was  an adventure too, but I will explain that to you another day.

Wednesday, September 17, 2014

South Africa III: Kruger National Park. Day 1.

We had such an amazing time in Kruger National Park, the more I travel, the more I realize that there is nothing like mother nature. And this is someone who loves cities, and art and culture and architecture, and who is crazy about new technologies but nothing can beat a natural landscape or observing wildlife interactions in their habitat.

We spent 4 days driving in Kruger National Park roads observing and taking pictures like crazy of elephants, impalas, hippos, giraffes, zebras, monkeys, buffalos, etc enjoying like kids.

We had never been in a safari before and that was one of the reasons that made us choose South Africa: you get to see all these animals in one of the most well organised National Parks in Africa and then you go to the coast and see whales and dolphins, penguins and even have the opportunity to go and see white sharks...Plus beautiful beaches , incredible landscapes, the wineries, cute towns and cities like Cape town, I mean, what else could we ask for?

So we arrived to Kruger National Park trough Orpen's Gate and check in at Tamboti's rest camp. We loved it there, just a few tents in front of  the Timbavati river ( which was dry, ) where you can spot many birds and little animals just walking along the camp.  And you can hear all sorts of animals at night: a great experience. We booked a Sunset Game drive in the afternoon, but they had to cancel because there were not enough people. But that is the great thing about this rest camp, that there is no many people or cars so you really enjoy driving around and spotting animals. And here is the result of our first day in pictures:

Tamboti's tent

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