Saturday, January 16, 2016

Japan VII: Shirakawago and Higashiyama Walking course

Shirakawa-Go was definitely one of the highlights of our Japan trip. So it was so such a relief to have a little break in the mountains from the crazy high temperatures of Kyoto. And also the location is so amazing, surrounded by giant, beautiful trees and those lovely and cute traditional houses. It looks like a fairy tale town. And then, those perfect gardens....

Beautiful traditional japanese House with garden in Shirakawago

Asian red flower close up

Of course, such a beautiful place is quite a popular spot for  tourists, so it is highly recommended to get one of the first buses in the morning to avoid the crowds and flavour the quiet charm of the place.

Famous view from Shirakawago's view point

Shirakawago view point

A group of japanese taking a picture with a selfie stick

purple flowers in shirakawago

Purple flowers

Shirakawago traditional House

A japanese couple with hats taking pictures

Asian purple Flower

traditional house in Shirakawago

Orange flower

Dog in Japan

Rice field in Shirakawago

Purple flower close up

And then we saw a sign of "Only coffee" right under another sign of "Only Adults" and we were laughing thinking..."what the hell is that?!!" A non alcoholic strip club? And then the owner of the place opened the door and said almost yelling at us and not in a very welcoming tone: -Only coffee!! Making it very clear that he would be really really offended if we attempted to order a Tea.

But on the other side  of that unwelcoming wooden door we find one of the best cafes ever. If you go there,  trust me, you must get in.

Amazing views from shirakawa cafe

It is very easy to find because it is right in front of  Myozenji Temple:

Myozenji Temple in Shirakawago

After our Shirakawago visit we returned to Takayama and decided to do the Higashiyama Walking course. And that didn't disappointed us either. It was a very pleasant walking route trough Temples, Shrines, cemeteries, little forests and alleys in a very quiet neighhbourhood that showed us another side of Takayama. We loved it.

Views fromHigashiyama Walking course

Cemetery in Takayama

Takayama's Temple

Takayama's Temple

Takayama cemetery

Takayama Temple

Higashiyama Walking course

takayama tree

And that's all for today. Definitely that was one of my favourite days in Japan. But not the only one: Tokyo's posts coming soon ;)

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Japan VI: Nagoya Castle and Takayama

After some amazing days in Kyoto, it was time to move to the Japanese Alps. We had to change trains in Nagoya on our way to Takayama, so we decided to make a little stop there and visit Nagoya's Castle.

And then we were ready for Takayama. We had a quick walk around the quiet streets  before the evening was down and it was enough to just love the place.

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