Thursday, November 19, 2015

Palo Alto Market

A little pause from Japan posts with some cool events you MUST go if you live in Barcelona. I have a a weakness for this cute beautiful market called Palo Alto. The location is simply amazing, and you'll find everything you can ask for there: a beautiful green space, cute stands of  talented artists,  lovely food tracks, drinks, dj's and always, always, live music.

Palo Alto Market normally opens twice a month, you can check dates on here.

Entrance: 3€
 C/ Pellaires 30,
08019 Barcelona

Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Japan V: Nara, Uji and Fushimi Inari

Our fifth day in Japan was pretty intense. We started in Nara, enjoying with the city's world heritage Temples and taking pictures of the cheeky sika deers.


We also visit the botanic garden located in Nara Park

Then we were very close to take a wrong train to Oji ( instead of Uji ) but we finally made it to Uji and have a quick visit of the town and its famous temple.

And then we took another train to the famous Fushimi Inari Temple. We had lots of fun there, trying to take pictures with no tourists. We arrived there a few minutes before the sunset, so the mosquitos were having a feast on us, and when it started to get dark,  we were very tempted to have dinner in the area, because we really loved its vibe, but all the shops and cafes seemed to be closed and so we ended up taking a train back to our hostel, after a very busy day.

Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Japan IV: Miyajima

On our third day in Kyoto, it was time to activate our Japan Rail pass and make a good use of it :) We started with a good amount of kilometres, as our first day trip from Kyoto was to Miyajima island ( the ferry is free with the Japan rail pass),  to see the famous and magical floating Tori and Shrine.

The island is very alive and full of Japanese visitors, so it makes it a perfect full day trip.

Our first surprise was to meet this funny and innocent-looking fellas all around the island.

They seem quiet and lovely, but they are aware of any tourists distraction to steal all the food they find on their way .

This girl was happily eating her ice cream ...

... when  this evil bamby decided to jump on it...
..and took her icecream...

How cheeky!!! But so funny to watch!!! You just have to seat five minutes to observe plenty of scenes like this one. Especially if you see short kids around, they are their favourite victims.

And here are some shots of the Kyoto Station that we took in the morning, the station is very impressive and it deserved some attention from our cameras ;)

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